No matter how much we cherish our musical instruments, accidents can happen. In the rough and ready world of parades and marching band events, dents and dings are not only possible, but likely. Band instruments are made to be sturdy and reliable, but a slight mishap can sometimes result in a bent key or a stuck valve that renders the instrument unplayable. Even the most conscientiously cared-for instrument needs professional attention from time to time. Corks and pads wear out over time. Valves and slides are subject to build-up. Whatever the condition of your instrument, Kerr's Music World has the knowledge and expertise to improve it.

Our professional repair staff is N.A.P.B.I.R.T. certified. That means your instrument is in the hands of a formally trained technician. Our repair shop is one of the most active and trusted in the state of West Virginia. Our repairmen, George S. Kerr, Terry Roush, Dale Roberts and David Groves bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their craft. They can completely overhaul your band instrument or simply restore it to good playing condition. Whatever your repair needs, Kerr's Music World and its highly qualified repair team can handle it. Call or stop by for an estimate. 

Some of our Repair Services

Woodwinds Replacement of corks and pads, buffing, cleaning, complete overhaul
Brass Dip and flush, dent removal, brace repair, valve repair, soldering
Percussion Tuning, cleaning, and head replacement
All Instruments Case repair. Instruments may also be completely rebuilt at major rebuilding plants


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